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Texas A&M AgriLife entomologists: Floating fire ants, insect pests among flood hazards

Fire ants, as their colonies begin to flood, can join feet or tarsi to form water rafts, and they are more aggressive once in the floating formation, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologists. But other insect pests can also pose human threats in flood conditions, they said. Check out this Facebook Post from WFAA Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus Dr. Paul Nester, AgriLife Extension entomologist, Houston, and Dr. Mike Merchant, AgriLife Extension urban entomologist, Dallas, encourage those affected by flooding to stay prepared and aware of pests,… Read More →

SPN: Mosquitoes and Zika Virus

Mosquitoes  By: Wizzie Brown, Extension Program Specialist III – IPM Mosquitoes are a hot news item currently, especially those transmitting a new virus….Zika. (At the end of this article you will find a handout designed to help you educate others about Zika.) Mosquitoes can transmit various diseases to humans and animals such as heartworm in dogs and cats, as well as encephalitis (including West Nile Virus), Chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, malaria and filariasis among humans. Aedes mosquitoes transmit diseases such as Zika virus, Chikungunya, yellow fever and dengue…. Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 12, Issue 6, September 2013

Imported Fire Ants the Cause of Death in Texas  By Maggie Lawrence, Auburn University The biting, stinging fire ant is a nuisance most people are far too familiar with, but few recognize the life-threatening danger these small pests pack in their punch. Recently, a Texas teen died after numerous fire ant stings during a junior high football game in Corpus Christi. Allergic reactions to fire ant bites are rare, but require quick thinking and proactive first aid work. Texas  A&M AgriLife Extension Service Program Specialist, Janet Hurley, works… Read More →

Texas Pesticide Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (TPDES)

Many of you have heard about a new Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirement/regulation relating to pesticide applications to, over, or near water. The regulation is the result of federal court decisions which place pesticide applications and use under not only the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), but under the Clean Water Act (CWA). TCEQ and other state environmental protection agencies nationwide (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and Samoa) had until October 31, 2011 to develop or adopt a Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (PDES) permit. TCEQ… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 9, Issue 2

In this issue of the School Pest News, you will find questions asked by your colleagues regarding paperwork for your IPM program. Check out the “Ask the Expert” question to learn if you have everything in place. From drought to rain, the weather has had a lot to do with the influx of mosquitoes. Texas AgriLife Extension recently had an article about mosquitoes and all the wet weather, read up on what you can do at your school. We also included an Ask the Expert question on mosquito… Read More →