School IPM Coordinator Notebook

Do you need a form, document, or something else from the notebook you received at our school IPM training.  Below are all the items that were located in the school IPM coordinator notebook.

School IPM compliance audit Checklist (this is a narrative of what you should have)

TX School IPM Compliance audit (this is an actual checklist of items you need to pass a TDA inspection)

Recognizing Green Category Products  

Report To TDA your New IPM Coordinator  School_IPM_Coordinator_Information SPCS-431


Pest Control Use Records Schools

Pest Control Use Records combo Ag and SPCS Excel spreadsheet that combines all requirements from TDA for both SPCS or AG

Justification form

Emergency Waiver for Schools

Sample Staff letter for TX school IPM program

Incidental Fact Sheet English

Incidental use for fact sheet schools Spanish

Pesticide Application Record for Incidental Use


Sighting Log and Outdoor Pesticide Application Use record

Pest Inspection and Sanitation Report

Facilities Inspection Report

How to Perform IPM Inspections

IPM program with thresholds (Word Document)

Fire Ants and the Texas IPM in Schools Program

Sample Bid Contract Request for Proposal using IPM

NEW – Posters for your Educational Program

Bed Bugs Bite Poster

Stop School Pests Teachers Poster  Two-sided one side for teachers the other for students (hang in your front office)

Stop School Pests Kitchen Staff Poster English/Spanish

Additional Documents for use with School IPM Programs

Job description for TX IPM Coordinator

Job Description for Non-Commercial Pest Control Applicator

NEA Breakfast Classroom tips and flyers

NEA Custodial IPM and IAQ program

Pest Prevention by Design

School IPM Coordinator Training  Day 1 Files

01 An Introduction to IPM in Schools

02 TX Pesticide Applicator Rules

03 School IPM Rules

04 Pesticide Safety

Cockroach IPM in schools

Rodent IPM

2022 School IPM Coordinator Training Presentations



Mosquito control options for schools 2022

IPM Program for IPM Coordinators 2

ants identification



2021 School IPM Coordinator Training Day 2 Files

school IPM refresher

Bees, Wasps, Yellowjackets

turf pest management4

Antimicrobial Agents Presentation

Common Ticks of Texas_School IPM

2020 School IPM coordinator training Day 2 slides

why banning neonics may not be good

School gardens, ag barns how to manage with school IPM

Birds, Bees and Bats

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