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Head lice, scabies, infectious diseases, flu’s and the common cold can all be interrelated to the IPM program.  This section is designed to help the school district with various problems from choosing a mosquito repellent to how to wash your hands.  Many of the resources in this section will take you to other websites like the CDC, TXDSHS, and EPA.
There are a variety of  school pests  that can transmit many types of diseases and the IPM coordinator often must work with school health officials to manage a problem. These resources are suggested guidelines to help you get started.


Head Lice

Bed Bugs

  • Advice for parents about bed bugs [PDF] This  document was developed by entomologists at Texas A&M  AgriLife Extension, Louisville, KY Department of Public Health and the Jefferson County Public School.  It designed to assist parents of school aged children to learn more about bed bugs and what to expect should they encounter them at their school or childcare center.
  • Bed Bugs in Schools (Michigan) [PDF] This document has flow chart, fact sheets and sample letter to parents when a bed bug is found in the classroom.
  • Bed Bugs go to School [PDF] Florida Pest Press with information to send out district wide on what to do with bed bugs when found in a school
  • Bed Bugs and Book Bags  is a youth enrichment curriculum. The curriculum is designed for third through fifth grade students, although it can be adapted to any age group, to help educate about bed bugs.

Other Public Health Issues



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