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Welcome to the School IPM AgriLife Recordings Page.  Here is a collection of webinar recordings that can help you learn more about integrated pest managements, indoor air quality, turf management and facility operations that support IPM and IAQ.

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Ask the Experts – Insects in the schools  This session features Dr. Mike Merchant, Molly Keck, Wizzie Brown and Janet Hurley recorded on June 23, 2020.  Insects discussed: cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, wasps, and bees.

Ask the Expert – Turfgrass Management This session features Dr. Chrissie Segars recorded on June 24, 2020 and she discusses tough summer weeds like goose grass, sedges, crabgrass and others.

What is a Murder Hornet?  Cicada killer wasps are common in Texas and elsewhere and are being submitted for identification as possible Asian giant hornets (murder hornets). This short video explains how to tell them apart. Extension Entomology, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, 2020

Batty about Bats Bats are one of the most interesting and important wildlife pests we encounter in pest control. At the same time, they play a giant role in agriculture – and eat a lot of our insect pests. Recorded by Janet Hurley in 2019 this session covers some of the basics biology of bats and what to look for if you have one living close to you.

Strategies and Barriers to the Prevention of Tick-Borne Disease This was recorded by the Northeastern IPM Center but it’s good info for all. While Lyme disease is probably the most notorious health threat associated with ticks, it’s just the beginning of the story. Dr. Stafford discusses ticks, tick-borne disease incidence, and basic tick biology. He will also review environmental methods for tick-bite prevention and tick control.

CDC Guidelines on Cleaning and Disinfecting for Businesses, Workplaces and Schools

Webinar: Green, Clean and Healthy: Effective Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance for a Healthier School Environment Recorded on June 13, 2018 while it has been recorded you will still need to register so you can obtain the password to log on to watch.

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