IPM Cost Calculator

The IPM Cost Calculator  is a new tool that was designed by the AgriLife Extension School IPM team.  Full facility IPM Inspections are intense, but they are also insightful.  This web-based tool is designed to help you access your school campuses and give them a score. Currently, the calculator allows you to enter a school campus and rank over 50 building features based on pest biology of 18 common structural pests.  When entering your school data the “calculator” understands the building parameters you entered and then based on how your building fairs in the scoring process you will receive a score.  The score is based on A – F scale and the closer you are to A the better your building is able to withstand a random pest problem.  The final score sheet will also give you an idea what some of your chances of having one of the 18 pest problems.

A couple of tips:  Print this .IPM_Cost_Calculator_Worksheet for each campus you plan to inspect.  Be sure to fill in the zip code, # of students, square footage of each building

Most of the questions ask for each building feature to ranked based on Good, Fair, Poor

  • Good = does not require repair and mice, rats, and cockroaches can’t get in.
  • Fair = minimal repair, small gaps, openings, spots where pests can hide or enter
  • Poor = in need of major repair, openings that allow a variety of pests to enter or harbor

In a few of the questions you will be asked about a percentage of vegetation touching buildings, to score these questions:

  • 0 = nothing touching the building
  • 1 = less than 50% vegetation touching exterior
  • more than 1% = more than 50% vegetation touching exterior

IPM Cost Calculator [external website]

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