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School Gardens, Ag Science Areas, Science and Nature classes all have the potential to impact the school IPM program.  This section is to assist school administrators,  the IPM Coordinator and district teachers with understanding the school IPM program in regards to pest prone programs. You will find helpful information for teachers and volunteers to use as educational tools for classroom learning or to assist with school IPM training.

Science and Nature Classes

  • Northeastern School IPM Workgroup K-12 Curriculum Project: This workgroup has searched high and low for all educational material that can assist school teachers in k-12 with educational lessons on insects in the classroom, integrated pest management and other environmental issues.  [External Website]
  • USDA Agriculture in the Classroom  supports state programs by providing a network that seeks to improve agricultural literacy — awareness, knowledge, and appreciation — among PreK-12 teachers and their students.  [External Website]
  • Team Nutrition is an initiative of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to support the Child Nutrition Programs through training and technical assistance for foodservice, nutrition education for children and their caregivers, and school and community support for healthy eating and physical activity.  This service includes Nutrition and Gardening Information including Farm to School [External Website]
  • The University of Kentucky Entomology Department has devoted a website to educational resources for elementary school children. Includes sections such as “mystery bug,” “bug food,” “insect stories” and links to teaching resources, including lesson plans for field and classroom experiments, an entomology newsletter for teachers, a detailed project from 4H on how to collect insects, and a teacher’s guide to using insects in the classroom [External Website]
  • Activity Book for Children Teaching kids about pests and IPM [PDF]
  • Exploring Urban Pest Integrated Pest Management   [PDF]

School Gardens

Ag Science Programs Animal and Greenhouse

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