IPM Inspection, Monitoring and Sighting Logs

Part of the process of an IPM program is examining the how and why of the pest problem.  The documents in this section are designed to assist in this process.  All of these forms are suggestions for better documentation of the district’s IPM program.  Sighting Logs are great ways to get employees, staff and students involved in the IPM program.  The state of TX require IPM coordinators to monitor and inspect the school facilities to ensure that pest problems, when they happen are caught early.  The inspection process can be done in conjunction with other functions of the maintenance and operations department. Or with the aid of Texas AgriLIfe Extension a new tool has been developed to help schools access their school buildings, the IPM Cost Calculator.
         IPM Inspections require some knowledge of pest biology and building structure. This brief How to Perform IPM Inspections will help get you started.  Below are some sample forms to help you inspect your schools.
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