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Welcome to the self training page. On this page you will find links to videos or powerpoints that you can use to train yourself or your staff.

The Stop School Pests IPM training materials include on-line and in-class training materials. These learning lessons are for all school community stakeholder groups including school administrators, facility managers, pest management professionals, school IPM coordinators, landscape and grounds staff, custodians, maintenance staff, nurses, food service staff, and teachers.

To view each of the modules and download follow this link Stop School Pests at eXtension  if you are interested in taking these online through our learning management system follow this link to where you can sign up and take all the courses listed there.

In the early 1990’s as School IPM regulations in Texas were beginning, Dr. Mike Merchant developed six (6) training videos to provide instruction, content, illustrations, and examples focused on pertinent IPM topics. The tapes were designed to address the specific needs and concerns of public school facilities and Texas School IPM Coordinators. In 2007, in cooperation with the University of Florida School IPM team the videos were updated to DVD format and Spanish voice overs were made.  With the age of YouTube we have updated these one more time.  While you might get a good laugh of the hairstyles and clothes from the 1990s the content of these modules is still relevant.

For each module is a set user guides which complement the individual modules. These guides are designed to enhance the learning value of the modules for either individual or group training. Included are pre- and post-tests, note taking outlines, questions for discussion and additional resources.  For more information on these guides contact

Module 1 – Introduction

Defines IPM and explains how to put an IPM program to work for your school. An excellent introduction to IPM principles for administrators, school boards, parent – teacher groups, and children.

Module 2 Structural Pest Control

Tells how-to apply IPM principles to the most common pest problems found in non-food handling areas of schools.
Basic training for IPM specialists,  custodial services and  building maintenance staff.

Module 3  Food Handling Areas

Pest control in food handling areas is explained using a four-step approach. IPM strategies are demonstrated using the German cockroach as a model.


Module 4 Bids and Contracts

Steps for securing the services of a commercial IPM provider. Bid specifications, bid evaluation and common contractual pitfalls are highlighted. Download this set of specifications that can be used as a model for developing your own bids. For purchasing officers and others involved in the pest control bidding process.   Bid/Contract Specifications & check list


Module 5  The Administrative Challenge

Explains the importance of a clear IPM policy, the benefits of an IPM plan, and the crucial role of an IPM Coordinator. A must for superintendents, school boards, IPM coordinators and other administrators.


Module 6  Landscape IPM

Provides a clear introduction to the principles of IPM for outdoor athletic fields and landscape areas. Explains and illustrates the basic classification of weeds, plant diseases and insects. Discusses the many cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical control options for managing landscape pests.


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