Pesticide Applicator Information

To be certified or not to be certified? Although certification is not required for IPM Coordinators in Texas and other states, it’s an option that many are choosing. Certification is a decision that must be based on your own circumstances. This webpage is designed to help you understand the issues involved and find the resources you need.

A certified applicator (CA) is someone who is licensed by the state to apply pesticides. In Texas, only certified applicators and licensed technicians can conduct pest control services on school and child care facilities. In Texas, a school district or child care employee can be licensed as a non-commercial applicator, a less expensive option. A non-commercial applicators license does not require a business license, but does require training.

As a CA you may engage in pest control treatments, such as fire ant baiting, herbicide application, and much more. Another benefit of being licensed is that through your training and recertification requirements, you gain a better knowledge about the nuts and bolts of pest control. You might even save your district money by performing some of the simpler procedures such as monitoring with glue boards.

There are, however, additional costs to being certified, including license fees and the time associated with testing and preparing for exams. And, as a CA there are yearly fees and training requirements to keep your renewal credits up to date.

In Texas the licensing agency is the Texas Department of Agriculture

To obtain study materials click here Ag & Environmental Safety

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