October is Children’s Health Month

October is Children’s Health Month as you can see from a statement sent out by Lisa Jackson, Administrator U.S. EPA.

EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection (OCHP) posted this article (see link below) this month of October for Children’s Health Month.  From the University of PA, an article on the “Importance of a Safe and Healthy School Environment: Pests, Pesticides and Children” will be posted on the EPA website.  The article focuses on: What is IPM?, The steps of IPM, Head Lice at school and home, and bed bugs.  The PA IPM Program is a collaboration between PSU and PA Dept. of Ag aimed at promoting IPM both in agricultural and urban situations.



In addition to this article you will also find a couple documents that deal with Asthma, asthma triggers and how integrated pest management can help reduce indoor allergens.  Remember IAQ and IPM do go hand in hand. October is a good month to remind students and staff about possible allergen and asthma triggers that can happen inside and out.

American Council on Science and Health – Asthma [PDF]

Allergy & Asthma Today – We are what we breathe [PDF]

Reducing Your child’s Asthma using IPM: a Practical Guide for Parents around the Home


Dear Colleagues:
Every year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency celebrates October as Children’s Health Month. A critical part of our mission to protect human health and the environment is addressing the vulnerabilities of children exposed to pollution and doing all we can to protect their health and ensure a brighter future. I am proud of the many actions taken across the agency’s programs and regions to ensure that our children have a safe environment in which they can live, learn and play.

This year, Children’s Health Month focuses on clean, green and healthy schools. We are celebrating the many EPA activities that contribute to healthy school environments and that support children’s health and academic achievement. The EPA plays an important role in ensuring healthy indoor air for young students and encouraging well-located, thoughtfully designed, soundly built and efficiently operated schools. By fostering a safe and healthy environment for children, teachers and other staff, we can help our nation’s children reach their full potential inside and outside the classroom.

There are a range of Children’s Health Month activities planned throughout October and many opportunities for EPA staff to promote healthy school environments and to address other pressing children’s health issues. I encourage you to take a moment to visit the EPAs Children’s Health Month website for a list of events and activities and to learn more about our agency’s special responsibility to safeguard children’s health.

As EPA Administrator and as a mother, I am grateful for your continued efforts to protect children from environmental health threats. Thank you again for all of your hard work.


Lisa P. Jackson

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