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SPN: IPM Training Materials, Hurricane Harvey Storm Information

It’s late August and this this is the newsletter that we (AgriLife Extension School IPM Team) welcomes everyone back to school.  As I write this newsletter the weather advisory for Texas isn’t just hot, but hurricane preparedness.  When I look at the map of Texas being covered I realized almost half of the schools in the state could be impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  So, for this newsletter I will share some educational materials you can use with staff not just for IPM, but also for storm safety. As… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2012

Who Can Work Under My License?  By Dr. Don Renchie There seems to be a lot of confusion buzzing around schools these days about who can apply pesticides.  First, only licensed applicators can make ANY type of pesticide application – even “organic” on school properties.  The Texas Department of Agriculture’s “Structural Pest Control Act” has required all applicators be licensed as commercial, noncommercial, or technicians before they make applications in or around  schools, childcare centers, or educational institutions since the mid-1980s. What has many school IPM coordinators confused… Read More →