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SPN: Rodenticides How do they fit into your IPM program?

By Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist III Rodent control is a multi-layer process and baiting for rats is just one part of the IPM process. However, using rodent baits is a question most School IPM Coordinators have concern over since they do work around children, food handling areas and non-target animal populations. The information below is some general information on rodenticides for use with the house mouse, roof rat, and Norway rats. So what’s the difference between a rodenticide and rodent bait? A rodenticide is a pesticide or… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 15, Issue 11, November 2015

Kissing bugs and Chagas disease. By Wizzie Brown, Extension Program Specialist III Triatomine bugs, also known as kissing bugs, reduviid bugs and cone-nose bugs, are almost an inch long with elongated cone-shaped heads. The body is grayish-brown with a wide abdomen that has flattened sides. The flattened sides of the abdomen stick out beyond the wing margins and are marked with red, orange or yellow stripes. Nymphs (immatures) look similar to adults, but lack fully developed wings. There are other insects in Texas that look similar and can… Read More →

EPA Takes Next Step to Cancel 20 Mouse and Rat Control Products Used in Homes

Action will reduce accidental exposures to harmful chemicals WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today took another step in the process to cancel 20 mouse and rat control products that do not adequately protect people, particularly young people, from exposure to toxic chemicals. EPA has determined that safer rodent control products are now widely available, effective, and affordable. The products EPA plans to remove from the consumer market are those that contain the most toxic and persistent active ingredients, products sold as loose bait and pellets… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 9, Issue 2

In this issue of the School Pest News, you will find questions asked by your colleagues regarding paperwork for your IPM program. Check out the “Ask the Expert” question to learn if you have everything in place. From drought to rain, the weather has had a lot to do with the influx of mosquitoes. Texas AgriLife Extension recently had an article about mosquitoes and all the wet weather, read up on what you can do at your school. We also included an Ask the Expert question on mosquito… Read More →