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Why people resort to the silver bullet: using psychology to teach IPM

Written By: Rosemary Hallberg, Communication Director, Southern IPM Center I’ve had many discussions with my colleagues about the best way to sell integrated pest management, or IPM, to the public. Although I don’t usually work with people directly on their pest management practices, I have heard some of our IPM Coordinators say, and have read in several news articles, that IPM is easier to sell to some people than to others. Why is that? Why is the organic community so successful at selling organic goods to the general… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 6, Issue 1

In this issue you will find articles on the 2005 School IPM Coordinator survey conducted in Texas, the benefits of using horticultural soaps and oils, a report on some new devices found at the 2006 National Pest Management Associations national conference and something new, an opinion section. We are asking you, our readers; to send us your notable quotes and if you have an opinion on an article send us your thoughts or ideas. As we move forward we hope to capture information from you so we can… Read More →