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SPN: Glue boards

Monitoring versus control, what you need to know when servicing food areas One of the key components of an IPM program is monitoring. Using some type of glue device that captures pests as they move around an indoor environment is essential. In most building settings, the building envelop is not sealed adequately to keep pests like ants, crickets, spiders, and occasionally mice out. At the same time, in certain areas, monitoring is the only way to know if you have a pest problem.   Monitoring is using visual… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 15, Issue 9 September 2015

There is no “I” in IPM; it’s all about Team. By: Janet A. Hurley Integrated pest management (IPM) is like football. In football, it takes a team to win or lose a game. No single person is the breaking point. Successful IPM requires people management and teamwork. A solid IPM program requires several groups of people to work in conjunction with one and another, and to practice the basic principal that no one person is responsible for everything. Taking ownership of one’s actions and helping others is a… Read More →