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SPN: Texas IPM Stars; Head Lice and Bats

AgriLife Extension program bolsters Texas schools’ pest management approach Writer: Gabe Saldana More than a decade of work alongside Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts in integrated pest management, or IPM, has culminated in the national certification of four Texas school districts as “IPM Stars,” said Janet Hurley, AgriLife Extension school IPM specialist in Dallas. IPM Star certification from the IPM Institute of North America was awarded in April to Plano, Conroe, East Central and Killeen independent school districts for consistent exemplary marks on the institute’s 37-point evaluation…. Read More →

Texas A&M AgriLife entomologists: Floating fire ants, insect pests among flood hazards

Fire ants, as their colonies begin to flood, can join feet or tarsi to form water rafts, and they are more aggressive once in the floating formation, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologists. But other insect pests can also pose human threats in flood conditions, they said. Check out this Facebook Post from WFAA Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus Dr. Paul Nester, AgriLife Extension entomologist, Houston, and Dr. Mike Merchant, AgriLife Extension urban entomologist, Dallas, encourage those affected by flooding to stay prepared and aware of pests,… Read More →

SPN: Linking IPM to School Health!

How Tyler ISD transformed their environmental health program by Janet Hurley, Extension Program Specialist III Tyler ISD is a typical mid-sized school district in a suburban area; they are experiencing population growth. With that growth means new campuses and some unique problems. Like all public schools in Texas, Tyler adopted integrated pest management (IPM) in 1995 when the TX Legislature mandated all public schools to use better practices to managing pests, rather than spraying baseboards for perceived pests. In 2014 Robert Grant was appointed Supervisor of Maintenance for… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 11, Issue 7, December 2012

School IPM in Texas: How to Stay in Compliance with TDA. With 4.8 million students, Texas has the second largest student base among US states according to the Texas Education Agency. And with 1,237 school districts and charters and 8,435 campuses Texas has more school systems than California. Over 83% of Texas school districts, are public school districts, which are required by Texas law to adhere to the school IPM rules. School IPM in Texas began in 1991 with the passage of a law requiring that pests in and around… Read More →

West Nile virus fears prompt diligence in schools. Common question: Can students use mosquito repellents at school?

With Dallas officials having declared a state of emergency in regards to West Nile virus, Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel are being flooded with calls from area school integrated pest management coordinators seeking information to allay parents’ and teachers’ mosquito concerns once school starts. “It’s a valid concern, but one that’s manageable,” said Janet Hurley, AgriLife Extension state school integrated pest management specialist headquartered in Dallas County. “State law mandates that public school districts in Texas, all 1,030 of them, must have a trained integrated pest management coordinator… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 7, Issue 1

This edition is full of information. We hosted several Extension Specialists from neighboring states, along with Dr. Tom Green, IPM Institute, Al Greene, Governmental Accounting Office, architects, engineers and school facility and maintenance directors at our offices here in Dallas. You can read about this groundbreaking workshop in our story on “Experts Discuss Pest-Proof Building Ideas”. Read about the Florida School IPM Workgroup meeting held in Gainesville, FL in early February. Have you had a recent visit by some annoying lady beetles? Read why they can become pests,… Read More →