Manual and Guides

Texas AgriLife Extension developed an educational manual and we have started to work with other school IPM programs to develop additional materials to assist school IPM coordinators with their IPM program.


The school IPM coordinator manual is designed to assist IPM Coordinators with implementing their IPM program. This manual offers simple topics on the basic tenets of IPM practices and how they affect schools. Included in the manual are management plans for Red Imported Fire Ants, German cockroaches, and yellow jacket wasps. This manual also contains several important reporting forms to help ensure that your IPM program stays on track.

An Introduction to IPM in Schools


Cost is $25 through the Texas A&M AgriLife Bookstore to order click here B-6015 






The LSU AgCenter Pest ID Guide. This pocket guide is designed to help you identify pests commonly found in and around buildings. It includes photos and information about various pests, such as ants, roaches, flies, rats, mice, termites, spiders, wasps, bees, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and more. Diagrams and scales showing the size of some of the pests are included to help in identification

Order 25 or more copies to receive a 25% discount.  Price: $12.00 Order from the LSU Ag Center

Image of Pest ID cover







The Southern Region TickApp provides in-depth content on tick identification,  biology, ecology, prevention and management, and was designed for  primary delivery on smart phones such as BlackBerry, Droid, and iPhone  using Internet browsers. It also can be accessed by desktop  or laptop computer, as well as other personal portable electronic  devices.

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