IPM Pride™ for Texas Schools

IPM Pride was originally developed to inspire school districts to not only adopt IPM, but also to give them incentive to achieve a higher standard for their IPM program.  The IPM Pride Award was originally funded by the national trade organization RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), an association of manufacturers, formulators, and distributors of pest control products used in and around homes, businesses and public areas that promotes the safe and responsible use of these products; the National Foundation for IPM Education who gave a small grant, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  IPM Pride winners were chosen based on a detailed application submission and then a committee of national IPM practitioners were given scorecards to rank the applications.  Based on the applications rank and discussion amongst the group a first, second and third place winner was chose.  Based on funding for the given year, awardees were given a check for $1,000 for first place winners, $500 for second place and honorable mention and plaques were given to those who showed promise.  The IPM Pride Award program has been turned over to the Texas Integrated Pest Management Affiliate for Public Schools so that they can recognize member districts for their hard work. Winners will be based on an application and committee vote.

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