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SPN: Fleas and Ticks

By: Dr. Mike Merchant, Professor and Urban Entomologist Fleas and ticks are not the kind of pests one normally expects to find in schools, but then what’s normal about school IPM?  Several recent calls to our office have concerned flea and tick problems, some of which are apparently being brought from home, and some which may be originating on school grounds.  So let’s learn some basics about these two pest types. Fleas are insect pests of warm blooded animals.  About 95% of flea species specialize in feeding on… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 7, Issue 2

In this edition of School Pest News we have a timely article on how to deal with fleas and ticks on school property. Dr. Merchant also wrote a good article on what are insect growth regulators (IGRs) and how they should be used in your IPM program. We have a follow up article on the Structural Pest Advisory Committee, learn how you can stay in touch on what is going on in Austin. Finally we have two features on bees and wildlife. There are some great websites on… Read More →

School Pest News, Volume 6, Issue 4

The latest installment of School Pest News is attached. In this issue you will find an article on working with your pest control contractor, with some simple reminders to help you re-establish contact with your pest control company. The Texas Cooperative Extension Ag Communications department put out several good stories on weed management, fire ant awareness and tree stress that I’ve included in this months newsletter. Finally, Dr. Merchant answers several of your questions about fleas, American cockroaches and crickets. Follow this link to read the Newsletter: Newsletter_28.pdf